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Coaching is a power toolkit, it’s like taking your old rotary dial phone and replacing it with the latest greatest all-singing-all-dancing smart phone. Done well, coaching can make that much of a difference to your business and YOU.

If you’re stuck in a rut, struggling to get off the treadmill and find some space for you in amongst juggling all the balls and spinning all the plates, then we should have a chat. Since training as a coach over 10 years ago, I’ve used the tools and strategies that training gave me to help the teams I’ve worked with and individuals to learn more, work smarter and achieve more than they can by working alone.

Coaching isn’t about giving you the answers, (that’s mentoring) nor is it about passively listening and then offering advice (that’s more akin to counselling). Coaching will require you to take action, to be accountable and to make changes and to get comfy being uncomfy. Cliche? Yep damn right it is, still true though.

By working together on your limiting beliefs, trusting our intuition and going with the gut, we’ll bring your business to the next level. Prepared to be brave and powerful.

Business Coaching Testimonial 

I first had a session with Amy when I was stuck at a crossroads in my business. I was unsure of how to progress and I was also at the point where I needed to make some serious money in order to fulfil one of my dreams of attending some training sessions with a particular trainer from America. With only a couple of months to make the money and no view in site of how I could make it, I needed some help!
A session with Amy was exactly what I needed and more. Not only is she friendly, approachable and non judgemental, but she is also accommodating and agreed to meet me at soft play for our meeting as I had my 3 year old daughter to look after that day.
We sat down and discussed everything – my business, my personal life, my hopes and dreams, what I wanted out of life etc. She offered me advice in areas I wasn’t sure on and helped me make solid decisions for my business. She asked me questions which I had been too afraid before to ask myself, and realising that I actually knew the answers but had been avoiding them for so long was quite enlightening!
After my session with Amy I now have a plan of what to do in my business over the next few months and what I need to concentrate on. I also have an idea of where i’d like the business to be in the next 12 months and I have a clear idea of how I am going to get there. She also recommended some incredible books to me by Jen Sincero which has changed my mindset entirely on how I approach everything.
As for the money for the training, Amy told me to write down every single idea I could think of, to have a break and then come back and think again about it some more. I came up with multiple ideas of how to make it and I am pleased to report that I made the entire amount I needed in less than 3 weeks after my meeting with her – something which I would never have thought was possible in a million years! It is proof that speaking to the right person can help you unlock ideas which you never even knew you had.
If you are in business or need some help or guidance in life then I can 100% definitely recommend a session with Amy. The amount of clarity and sense of direction you come away with after just a single session is outstanding and I am now enthusiastic and motivated to take the steps needed to improve my business over the coming months. I have so much to thank her for!
Christina Bennett of Christina Michelle Photography – July 2017

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