Third Way Man

On the back of a conversation in a Facebook networking group I’d written a long blog post discussing the pros and cons of the hustle and grind mentality of most entrepreneurs and self-employed people, and how I have done my time in hustle mode and don’t want to go back there.

As part of that discussion, this website was linked. When I went to check it out I realised Bryan Ward is saying everything I wanted to say far more eloquently and with much more clarity. Go read his site. My top 3 articles so far are

One Virtue I’ll Never Teach My Kids

The #1 Reason Entrepreneur Dads Burn Out – (also applies to Mums!)

and this one – Bang Your Drum

This guy is DAMN GOOD.


Benefits of using video to promote your business – Tips from a Video Expert

Today we’ve got a guest blogger! Andy Green is a video expert and is here to share why you should be using video in your business, across the board, not just within social media.


It’s the year of video – according to and I agree. Video is becoming more and more popular in marketing plans, for websites and social media. I heard a quote once, which is quite inspiring, ‘If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the power of video can be limitless’.

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Be like Bon Jovi… Keep the Faith

I want to share something important with you. When it’s all going to shit, when the poop is really flying at the fan, HOLD ON. This is the time your resolve is being tested the most.

Last weekend my family and I said good bye to our horse. I can’t begin to describe the pain and guilt and anguish over this loss. It’s almost a week on and we are sad to our bones, troubled by the decision we had to make and missing her kind face and soft warmth.

On Monday I took a personal day and spent time with my mum and sisters. I also had a proposal due in to a client that day, with a meeting booked in to discuss it on Thursday. I also have my online course which I’ve been developing and have people interested in joining.

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I’ve seen mentioned across various channels about Facebook splitting the newsfeeds into one with posts from friends and paid for adverts, and one with none-paid for page posts. The general response has been panic.

I would urge everyone to KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON.

At the moment this is a trial only, happening in 6 countries. Yes, some pages saw their reach crash. Others, who did not rely solely on social media to get their message across to their audience, saw no noticeable difference in their performance.

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Learning to Love LinkedIN

For a very long time I hated LinkedIN. I mean, really hated it. It felt like a very stuffy “shirt and tie” environment and that if I wanted to be a part of that community I would need to “tone-down” my natural joie-de-vivre.

Well. I dunno what those guys at Microsoft have been doing on LinkedIn but all of a sudden it’s become a really great place to connect with real people and build strong connections. Unlike Instagram and Facebook pages (which I still love don’t get me wrong), the connections you make on LinkedIn are already pre-qualified, even if they are people trying to sell you something, they’re in business! They’re not there dicking around liking lots of pictures or liking but unfollowing your pages, they’re there to do BUSINESS.


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