Networking – Your Business Needs You!

Networking. A word that can strike fear into many business owners because it directly confronts our imposter syndrome and we worry that we’ll be “caught” as a “fraud”. The stereotype of networking is a big room, full of hard-nosed business men and women in sharp suits with little time to chat once they figure out you’re of little value to their business goals.
It’s just not like this any more.

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No One Likes a Clinger

Spammy Pam and Desperate Dan.

You know who I mean right? The people who message you 20 times a week talking about the latest and greatest deal, you can practically smell their desperation to hit their target can’t you? See the sweat on their brow and hear the panic in their voice over the phone as they ask if you’ll sign up to the subscription/service/order today?

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When Results Speak…

I recently asked a customer for a testimonial, pretty standard practice to help others see what you’re capable of and know that you can be trusted. I was so chuffed with what came back from him that I had to share it in full with you all. I believe it is important to share our successes as entrepreneurs because we need to see how far we’ve come!

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