Hello! Allow me to introduce myself and my company, I’m Amy Purser and my company is The Social Networker.

For 10 years I’ve worked with marketing and specifically with multi-channel marketing. I have a specialist lean towards social media and building marketing strategies that “connect the dots” across social media marketing, email-marketing and offline marketing. As the Head of Brand for a hobby business, I was in charge of all our marketing material and ensuring that we met those all-important deadlines and budgets plus kept the message consistent and clear.

We are passionate about working with other people who are also passionate! We need to understand your story and why your business matters to you to help you tell that story through your online and offline presence.  Under the guise of The Social Networker, we help small businesses get to grips with social media and marketing more generally and consult on how to get the most from your superb content because no one wants to see a good story wasted!

Coaching has given me an additional set of tools that I bring to the table allowing us to help you make powerful changes in your business that other marketing and coaching businesses probably can’t ;-p

And at the end of the day, we can all celebrate the success! Cheers!


Celebrating success is important!

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