10 Start Up Tips from Entrepreneurs

When you’re getting started in business it’s really easy to be derailed and put off by well meaning friends and family. It’s also bloody hard work to get any business off the ground. We asked a selection of business owners what one piece of advice would they give to a new business owner and here’s what they said –

Believe and you can achieve – Jade Jones – The Body Shop at Home  

Aim high – Zoe Adamson – Adamson Jewellery

Always think things through, and ask yourself if you were the customer, would you use your service? – Rebecca Adams – High Heel Creative

Do what you enjoy doing, don’t let your mindset be affected by other people’s opinions of you (unless they’re glowing!), stand in your customers’ shoes & have faith in yourself – Clare Eaton – Smith Cooper

Listen to advice and get a mentor – Rachael Wayne – Creartii

Ignore the naysayers they are the timid after all – Ruth Gray – Purple and Grey

Use every available opportunity – Vicky Fox – Fox Business Support

Be kind to yourself – Jo Dyer – Really Useful Gardens

Find a friend/ supporter who is also self employed, and make sure you don’t spend too much time alone. – Kitty Schwichiski – Counselling and Recovery

And finally, this one from Joanna Leigh – Boom Magazine


Well said Banksy!
Well said Banksy!


Our personal one is “Trust your gut”.

What pieces of wisdom do you wish someone had shared with you when you started your business?


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