Chasing tails versus turning heads

Are you finding it really hard to reach your ideal clients? Do you feel like they’re constantly just out of reach? What about if you look over here, or over there, or there, no, hurry now, check here, nope not there either! How frustrating!


When did you last think about what your ideal customer looks like? Are you chasing tails trying to find anyone who might be interested in your product or service? Are you marketing to the world and hoping you hit the right demographic?
It’s ok. You don’t have to do it like this and I know it’s SO exhausting isn’t it?! Take a deep breath. Stop chasing those tails running off to hide. Let’s get you ATTRACTING the people you want to work with instead.
First of all, you’ve got to get REALLY clear on who you want to work with or market to, break it down. Break it down again.

Here’s some key questions you can ask yourself about who you want to work with
– male or female or both?

– what other demographics are important for you to consider? – marital status? children? home owner? income? level of education

– what are their goals and values?

– what knowledge do they seek? (books/blogs/events/gurus et al)

– what problems and obstacles are they facing?

– what might they object to?
Write all of this down, draw it as a picture, hell, create a vision board of your ideal client, I really don’t care how you do it but you need some record of who this person is. Be specific, include the details I’ve outlined above. What’s this person’s favourite book? If you want to attract people interested in development and progress, what leaders will they be following?
Take your time on this. Really get to know your customer, give them a name, figure out where they hang out and who with. How do they spend their free time?
When you’ve got a fully fleshed out customer spec, you’ve only got one thing to do to attract them. Be that person.
Urgh I know. If it’s that freaking simple why isn’t everyone out there “being that person”. Well I could talk all day about that but we don’t have time. Think about it. Wouldn’t you rather work with someone or buy from someone who represents what you believe? When you chose a service provider for your business, are you more inclined to work with someone who you enjoy being around and can build a relationship with? Or would you like to work with Spammy-Pam or Desperate-Dan?
Your ideal customer wants to do the same thing.


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