No One Likes a Clinger

Spammy Pam and Desperate Dan.

You know who I mean right? The people who message you 20 times a week talking about the latest and greatest deal, you can practically smell their desperation to hit their target can’t you? See the sweat on their brow and hear the panic in their voice over the phone as they ask if you’ll sign up to the subscription/service/order today?

Chances are these people have just had bad training. Hell, I’ve been there and I’m sure some of you have too. Once we know better, we do better.

So if you’re just starting in your own business and you really want to grow your client base, don’t be a Spammy Pam or a Desperate Dan.

Spammy Pam will flood social media with her business’ latest and greatest offers and message you consistently along the lines of “hey babe, you’re going to LOVE this”. Desperate Dan may message you within a few moments or hours of becoming a contact, offering you his services. Neither of them have done their homework properly and they’re probably acting out of fear and panic, hence the desperation and spammy nature. I know this because I’ve done it and I’d like to save you the trouble and humiliation.

The best way to grow your client base is to speak to people. Get to know them. Find out what problems they have in their business and see if you can help them. If you can’t maybe you know someone else who might be able to and can recommend or refer them.

If they can use your services but chose not to, MOVE ON. By all means keep in touch with them but do not turn into a stalker. Respect their decision. In the long run you’ll look more professional and they could still refer other people to you.

Essentially what you’re trying to avoid is looking like the person so desperate for a date they are literally willing to do anything to get one. Know your value and the value of the product and service you are offering. Talk to more people, go to more events, meet more people and BE YOU and your business will start to flourish.

And if you find any of that a challenge then drop me a message, my diary always space for a new date ;-p


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