Focus on the gains. 

It’s traditional at this time of year for people to “give up” habits and behaviours that they deem to be bad and negative. It might be smoking, sugar, takeaways, overspending or any other “bad” thing. 
I’ve seen a lot of people posting progress updates along the lines of “Day x without y” and here’s the issue. Focusing on what you have given up innately implies a LACK, a scarcity, a deprivation. 
Wherever you put your focus, is where your energy will go. If you are thinking about lacking something or giving up something, that will be the reality you see. 
Focus on what you will gain. Better health, less risk of diabetes, more financial security are all positive outcomes to focus on and you are more likely to stick to resolutions and goals by moving towards a positive outcome than away from a negative status quo.
Keep posting your progress because it keeps you accountable and focus on the GAINS and you’ll have much better results. Good luck!


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