Change your mind.

There is nothing as powerful as a changed mind. – TD Jakes

When I first heard that quote, and the following few sentences, I realised the deep truth of it. Often a big change in our mind, the thing that triggers us changing from the inside, is a trauma, a terrible event, something that shocks us to the core and effectively shakes us awake. You might call it a revelation, a moment of clarity, a “light bulb moment”. Whatever it might be, your life is changed from then on.

And that’s the FABULOUS thing about being human, we have the power to change! To change our mind, our body, our entire life if we wish too. Every time you make a choice, remember, you are not bound to that decision for life, you can always change your mind.

Every time you come to a cross roads and have a big decision to make, you put pressure on yourself to make the “right” choice, sometimes there isn’t a right choice and that’s ok. Think of things differently, say “based on the information I have right now, what’s the best decision?” rather than thinking “Oh crumbs, I MUST make the RIGHT decision! What if I make the wrong one?! What will happen??”. Often there isn’t a right answer, there is just a better option for you, at that time, based on the information you have. Even if you don’t take the better option, what’s the worst that can happen? Ask this question and think through the consequences, if you’re prepared for the worst possible outcome, it won’t be such a painful experience if it happens, make sure you learn from it and it won’t be a failure.

You may make a chain of “wrong” decisions. SO WHAT!! Have you recognised they weren’t the best option? Good! SO CHANGE!! Decide NOW that those decisions do NOT define you or your future, it’s never too late to change your mind.








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