The Importance of Being You.

I often tag my photos on Instagram with “#beyou”. The importance of being YOU is at the core of my beliefs and is intrinsically important to success in all areas of life.

Have you ever met someone and just felt “wrong” about them? They put you on edge someway and give you an uneasy feeling in your stomach? You may find yourself reacting to them in such a way as to feel out of character yourself. You may leave them feeling angry or afraid. It is likely that this person isn’t being true to themselves and your inner Self has picked up on that.

Business relationships

In business, it is likely (unless you’re the inventor of Google or Uber for example) that there is someone else out there doing what you do, selling the same – or a similar – product, so what makes the difference? YOU do. So you have GOT to learn to sell yourself!

Ask these questions –

  • Are you negative? Do you post negative things on social media? Is your general disposition one of a grumpy attitude?
  • Are you helpful? Do you share what you have learnt or do you guard your knowledge like a precious gem that can not be seen by anyone else?
  • Are you approachable? Are you open and willing to admit mistakes or are you fierce-some in your defence of your Self?

Answer them honestly, be stern with yourself. Now ask yourself, would you want to work with a person who is negative, unhelpful and always ready to argue a point? Chances are highly unlikely.

Now we know life isn’t all roses and champagne, sometimes it’s weeds and water but if you can be 80% positive to the outside world you’re likely to be more interesting to people than the Moaning Myrtles.

What knowledge have you gained that you can share with other businesses? We’re not talking about giving away your state secrets here but what general business practices have you learnt that might help someone else? Could you write something similar to this? Perhaps as photographer you could suggest ways to take a good selfie or get better lighting when shooting with a camera phone?! If you work with children could you share an original activity that you’ve found they enjoy?

If you are honest in your mistakes and own them, if you can learn from them rather than being defensive, blaming someone or something else, then you’re more likely to be approached by others because your honesty will endear you to people and show your integrity.


If you are being true to the BEST you, then you will attract business people of the same ilk, people working with the best intentions and working for the general good (though they may not realise it themselves yet).

Of course it’s not easy but being the best YOU will help you to stand out and isn’t it good business to market yourself in the best possible way? Get to know yourself inside and out and promote the shit out of yourself.


Personal relationships

In personal lives it is very much the same principles as in business!

Ask yourself what sort of person you want to attract, do you want an emotionally weak, negative, grumpy partner? Or would you prefer a kind, emotionally strong and positive minded partner? It’s safe to assume you’ve chosen the latter. How do you go about finding someone like that? Well you start by becoming that person yourself. If you want to know more about how to do that, then I’d recommend reading “Love-ability” by Robert Holden as it’s not a topic I can cover here in the depth required.


Be you. happynew-year-1


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