The Importance of Goal Setting

If you don’t regularly set goals, how do you know where you are going in life? If you find yourself drifting, never moving forward or generally feeling “in a rut” then it’s time to set some goals.

What do you want in the next 3 months? 6, 12 and 24 months? What do you want to do in your life time? What do you want to have? WHO do you want to be? You can either continue to drift, never consciously choosing your path or you can get clear on what you want out of life, consciously decide to work for your dreams and start that journey.

Make your goals SPECIFIC. Make them detailed.
Make the MEASURABLE – how will you know you’ve attained your goal? Set criteria against it.
Keep them ATTAINABLE – Goals need to stretch you so you grow and expand to achieve them.
Are your goals RELEVANT/REALISTIC? – Do they matter to you and will they have impact on your life? Are you willing and ABLE to work towards them?
The last one is the most important one. Are your goals TIME-BOUND? If you’re just saying “some day” then you are setting yourself up for failure.

Here’s an example.

Goal 1 – I’d like a new car.

Goal 2 –
It is the end of April 2016 and I am driving my Audi RS5 convertible in black with a black interior. Driving this car is a pleasure for me and gives me so much joy. My son and I both love the sound of the V8 engine and the sound system. We both like the very fast acceleration and having the wind on our faces in the sunshine.

Can you see the difference?

Take some time every week to outline your goals and desires for the week, review your previous work towards your goals and congratulate yourself on your successes.


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